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Sclerotherapy Vein Treatment Before And After Photos
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Sclerotherapy Vein Treatment

Sclerotherapy Vein Treatment Before And After Photos

Sclerotherapy is a safe, reliable, and proven in-office treatment for eliminating minor varicose veins and spider veins. Your treatment provider will explain how the procedure works. They will also talk about the various benefits during the initial consultation. Most treatment providers prefer presenting sclerotherapy before and after images to help patients understand the treatment better.

Reger Vein and Skin Specialists, led by Dr. Gregg Reger, provides sclerotherapy vein treatment and various other medical spa services to patients in The Woodlands, Spring, Houston, TX, and surrounding communities.


Sclerotherapy ‘before and after’ pictures refer to a group of images that belong to a previous patient that received the same treatment with successful results. The images would include photographs taken before and after the treatment. The after images would be taken when all sessions are complete and full results of the procedure are visible.

Your treatment provider will make sure the images are obtained after taking the express consent of the relevant patient. It’s pretty basic that the patient’s identity is not disclosed and the images are presented in an appropriate manner.

Right now, these images are not on this site but that does not mean this site cannot be enhanced at any time. With that said, you can still perhaps see these images but that will have to come during the consultation if these images are available. This clinic did not reach the level of success it has achieve by now informing its patients with vital information such as this.

Advantages of Sclerotherapy Before and After Images

Sclerotherapy is a proven treatment with a track record of providing effective results. But, many patients are not aware of how it works and the kind of results the procedure will produce. Patients seeking spider vein removal may not be sure about the benefits of this unique treatment.

It is possible that few patients may require more sessions than others for meeting their cosmetic goals. They may need sclerotherapy in addition to another procedure as well.

Transparency is key and Dr. Reger knows all about this. We may not see transparency in our politicians in DC that much or in our celebrities but in the elective surgery and treatment arena, transparency is vital and this clinic has plenty of it.

Developing Trust and Building Confidence

Sclerotherapy ‘before and after’ images are shown by the treatment provider for developing rapport with patients. New patients feel more confident and better about a procedure after looking at how it affected another patient. Differences made by sclerotherapy are better seen with the help of before and after images.

Sclerotherapy Images on Social Media

Pictures offer more vocal evidence as compared to words. Surgeons can create maximum impact by posting sclerotherapy before and after images on social media. This will allow the practice to be on the forefront. It will also help in increasing awareness about the procedure among patients.

Images can be shared easily on popular social media platforms, such as Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Potential patients can come better prepared during the initial consultation if they have already looked at the images online.

Setting Realistic Expectations

Experienced treatment providers are aware that before and after images play valuable role in helping form realistic expectations among patients. Sclerotherapy is a safe and non-surgical treatment. Patients can achieve higher satisfaction by having a clear idea about the procedure and its potential results.

Providers can make sure the patients know what to expect by looking at before and after images. They can also know what not to expect from the treatment. This helps in mitigating any disappointment at a later stage. Reger Vein and Skin Specialists receives patients from The Woodlands, Spring, Houston, TX, and nearby areas for sclerotherapy vein treatment and various other medical spa services.

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