Sun Damage

Sun Damage

As a result of prolonged exposure to the sun, it is common for men and women to develop broken capillaries and sun spots, causing visible spots of discoloration on the skin surface. At Reger Vein and Skin Specialists, we offer multiple therapies that can restore your beautiful, healthy skin without any disruption to your normal activities.

Serving The Woodlands, Conroe and surrounding areas in Houston, Reger Vein and Skin Specialists is led by Dr. Gregg Reger. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out how sun damage can be safely and effectively treated using our proven therapies.

What Causes Sun Damage?

Although it is common to enjoy the warmth and golden glow the sun can give your skin, long-term and unprotected exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause visible changes within the skin, including signs of aging and visible red or brown spots. The best defense against developing sun damage is taking proper precautions while outdoors, but for signs of sun damage that have already occurred, Dr. Reger and our medical team can help reduce discolorations and restore your skin’s natural beauty and radiance.

IPL Photofacials for Sun Damage

Short for Intense Pulsed Light, this light-based therapy is used to treat multiple conditions at our office in The Woodlands because of its ability to target skin imperfections below the surface without damaging the surface. Once emitted into deeper layers of the dermis, the light converts to heat and gently clears broken capillaries or discolorations from the skin.

VI Peel®

This light to medium peel is performed at our office and contains beneficial ingredients that help exfoliate and refresh the skin without the extended peeling time of other chemical peels. The gentle nature of this treatment makes it ideal for a wide range of patients and can help smooth and revitalize signs of sun damage in about a week.


Another treatment that gently exfoliates the surface, microdermabrasion delivers a stream of fine crystals across the skin to open up the surface and stimulate the production of new collagen to remodel treated areas over time. As the new skin cells are produced and brought to the surface, areas of sun damage are reduced.

Sun Damage Treatments for Men

Dr. Reger and our medical team also tailor treatments specifically for the unique skin care needs of men and can restore your clear, healthy skin with our wide range of men’s services.

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